When we come across the word “vocation”, we often attach to this word the images of a priest or a nun, or even confuse it with professional choice, but they are two different things.

In fact, the meaning of the word vocation is quite broad and has its origin in the Latin “vocare”, which means “to call” or “a call.” In the religious context, it is a call that comes from the mouth of Him who created everything by the force of His Word: God. Therefore, to understand vocation as a gift is to recognize that, in all circumstances, God calls us to live and carry out his mission of love.

Vocation is to say YES to God, by faith, to discover our place in the world, in the Church today and in the service of our brothers and sisters. To discover this purpose of God for our life, it is necessary to discern.

We Oratorians from the Rock Hill Oratory are available to help you discern what God wants for your life because discernment is a process that requires us to listen, to be attentive and to pray. We invite you to participate with us in our ministries or visit some of our parishes, so that you can know the life and mission of the Oratory.

In the Gospel of John 1:39 the Lord invites us to COME AND SEE, and it means experiencing the call of God in our daily life. The Lord has a great mission for you as an Oratorian. We are here to help you discern what the Lord wants for you. We are waiting for your visit or just give us a call.

According to our Constitution, the age for discerning with us is from 18 – 45 years old. If you feel that God is calling you to become an Oratorian, please contact us.

The Rock Hill Oratory
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Rock Hill Oratory

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